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Fake Bagels / Fake Bagel

Our fake bagels are hand crafted one at a time right here in the great USA! The Fake Food line of products from Just Dough It offer a realistic looking food item that is made for use in props, staging etc... Just Dough It makes faux foods that look good enough to eat and are customizable to look exactly like your products, if you wish.

Please allow up to one week in house processing before orders are shipped. If you need an order rushed please call our office at 918-455-0770.

  New Fake Food Products Breads and Rolls Breakfast Drinks
New Fake Food Products
We are always looking for foods that we can replicate and turn into a great fake food prop.  Check back often to see what new Fake Food items we have created.
Breads and Rolls

Our fake breads, part of our Fake Foods menu, are great for props in restaurants, theatrical productions and museum displays. Fake Breads are believable and of extraordinary quality; they make a wonderful addition to your bread basket. You can almost smell the pleasing aroma and see the steam rising!

Breakfast Drinks
Our fake breakfast drinks, part of our Fake Foods menu, are a great addition to your kitchen.  Place a "steaming" cup of coffee or tea cup with saucer on your kitchen counter, or if you want to have fun fooling your friends you can always leave the spilled cup of coffee for them to find.  Our glasses of orange juice or milk go great with our fake pancakes and waffles.
Breakfast Pastries Breakfast Waffles, Pancakes, Cereal and More Cakes
Breakfast Pastries

Our fake breakfast pastries, part of our Fake Foods menu, look great sitting under a dome or in a basket on your kitchen table.  Have a breakfast sweet tooth?  Our fake donuts, muffins and pastries are sure to tempt you without any extra calories.

Breakfast Waffles, Pancakes, Cereal and More
Fake bowls of cereal, part of our Fake Foods from Just Dough It! menu, are guaranteed to never be soggy.  The fake waffles and pancakes with assorted fruit add a colorful addition to your kitchen.  

Fake Cakes, part of our Fake Foods from Just Dough It! menu, are the most realistic in the business. Our Fake Cakes are made right here in Oklahoma by our talented fake food designers. They are crafted to last and look absolutely believable in any setting. So, by the piece or a whole cake, our Fake Cakes come is various styles—sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Candy, Candy and More Candy Cheese and Crackers Chefs and Decorative Accessories
Candy, Candy and More Candy
Our fake candies, part of our Fake Foods menu, are going to be hard to resist.  For the ultimate sweet tooth, our fake cake pops and truffles will look great sitting in your bowl, and you are sure to catch a friend reaching for a handful of our candies, but come away empty handed. 
Cheese and Crackers
Cheese and crackers, part of our Fake Foods from Just Dough It! menu, look great on that cheese platter you have sitting in your buffet.  Why not dust it off and display it with our realistic fake cheese and crackers, perfect to fool your favorite mouse.
Chefs and Decorative Accessories
We are always looking for accessories that accentuate our fake food. 
Cookies Cupcakes Dipped Strawberries and  Cherries

Fake Cookies from Just Dough It look genuine enough to eat. Our entire menu is made in Oklahoma by our skilled designers. These Fake Cookies can be used in whatever display settings you need. So, to celebrate Christmas, Easter, Spring, Fall, Halloween, our Fake Cookies are perfect for all your fake food needs.

Fake Cupcakes from Just Dough It! are available in an assortment of fake frosting flavors.  One of our best selling items, we are sure you will have someone trying to put their finger in the frosting for a sample. 
Dipped Strawberries and Cherries
Just Dough It! Fake Foods specializes in making artificial foods that will make your  mouth water.  Our chocolate strawberries and cherries are some of our best.  Our new deluxe strawberries have a variety of  dipped strawberries to tempt you.
Fake Food Groupings Fruit Cups Fruit Tarts
Fake Food Groupings
Some of our best selling groupings of fake food offered on Just Dough It! menu.  
Fruit Cups
Bowls filled with assorted fake fruit are one of the healthy options our Just Dough It! Fake Food kitchen has to offer.  The fresh looking fruit will add a pop of color to your fake food displays.
Fruit Tarts
Our fruit tarts, part of our Fake Foods menu, make a lovely summer display on your dining room buffet.  They look so delicious you may have to break out your baking pans and make a real one to eat.
Fruits and Vegetables Holiday Items Ice Cream and Milkshakes
Fruits and Vegetables
We know you can't live on desserts alone, so we have added a delicious assortment of fake fruits and veggies to our Fake Food menu.  You can put them in your own dishes or hang a slice of fruit on your glasses.
Holiday Items
Holidays are our favorite time at Just Dough It!  We have a variety of holiday cookies, cupcakes and cakes to help you celebrate.
Ice Cream and Milkshakes
I scream, you scream, we all scream for fake ice cream!  Just Dough It! sundaes and milkshakes look so real you will think you can hear the ice cream man coming around the corner.
Lemonade, Water and Tea Popcorn, Beer and Coke Spills and Novelties
Lemonade, Water and Tea
Just Dough It! has an assortment of refreshing drinks, just in time for the summer.  Our lemonade and iced tea glasses will make you feel cooler just looking at them.
Popcorn, Beer and Coke
The fake popcorn, cokes and beers are a great addition to any theater room.  Set out a bucket of fake beer at your next party and sit back and enjoy the show.
Spills and Novelties
Just Dough It! fake candies and spilled drinks are sure to turn heads.  They are the perfect way to add some entertainment to your party.  Let us know how many people you fool.
Spirited Drinks Sushi and Salad Specials, One of a Kind, and Limited Quantities
Spirited Drinks
One of our favorite things on the Just Dough It! Fake Food website are the spirited drinks.  We offer a variety of shapes and colors of drinks, but if you don't see your drink of choice, let us know, we can more than likely make it for you.
Sushi and Salad
At Just Dough It! we have a definite sweet tooth, but there are times when even we need a fake salad or some sushi.  Here are some great additions to that category from our fake food menu. 
Specials, One of a Kind, and Limited Quantities
Specials, One of a Kind, and Limited Quantities.  These items change often so make sure and check back to see what is new on the fake food menu.
Oops Not Quite Right But A Great Price
Every once in a while we have a item that does not meet our quality control standards.  These items are sold as is at a greatly discounted price.  (All items listed on this page can not be returned for refund)

Faux desserts and beverages are our specialty. Our huge faux food line can be implemented anywhere needed such as staging a house or creating that finishing decorative touch in your home. Our faux foods you see on our website are fully guaranteed and are made here in the USA with top quality materials.