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Read what have others' said about Just Dough It?

" Creeply realistic glass of orange juuice, this had my mom and husband fooled. Worked perfectly for the present I attached to it and definitely got the joke across. "

J Newman

" Incredibly real looking spilled box of popcorn, coolest thing I have ever seen. "

Ashley C.

" We bought the spilled box of popcorn and spilled bag of M & M's to use in a center piece on the table in our theater room.  Its defiantly a conversation starter. "

C. Slater

" These donuts are wonderful! They look so real! I used them in a photo shoot. You could use them to display on your kitchen counter and they would never get moldy!! "

R. Bendixen

" This popcorn box is VERY realistic looking....right down to the greasy drips of the butter on the box! This manufacturer is VERY good on price. I saw the same thing at other websites for 2 to 3 times the price! The popcorn looks VERY realistic! I couldn't have asked for a better product. I will definitely use this company again for any "faux" food I need. You will not be disappointed with this purchase. Side note: I also ordered the Faux Coke glass with straw and it is so realistic, every time I pass it, I crave a soda!! "

L. Alfonso


Thank you so much for the beautiful artificial cocktails! I've never needed to order anything like these before. I manage the trade shows for my company and we recently named some of our new pen colors after drinks. We decided to set up some retail style displays at our trade show in Vegas and thought some fake drinks would be fun. Not only were the drinks beautiful but the service I received was beyond exceptional! Thank you so much for everything!  BIC Graphic



" Received my order yesterday for my hot tea and cinnamon and eggnog and just love them both! They are so real looking. I am glad I found your website through ask.com and will be ordering again! I love to decorate in my kitchen with different things for the different seasons and all on my table and counter. I also am so glad that you sent me your catalog! Thank you for a terrific transaction and your products are super! Just Me, Sandra "

Sandra K

" I decorate model homes, and find your products to be invaluable. No other item can make a home seem so warm and cozy. My customers are always amazed to find the items aren't edible. "

K. Polanco

" I received the merchandise that I ordered recently. I want to commend you on the quality of the items I purchased. I don't usually communicate with vendors regarding purchases, however, I was so impressed with your products that I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Everyone who has seen them displayed in my home is equally impressed. I hope to continue doing business with you. "

Gayle S

" Your products look so real it is unbelievable! Many of my friends and family have been fooled by the fake food we purchased from you. The tea cup and breads add such a warm touch to my home. "

S. Williams

" I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with your craftsmanship. I put out the spilled Coke bottle on the dining room table and fooled everyone in my family. "

A. Bui

" I used your company 11 years ago when I purchased my new home and my products are still looking great. Im moving to a new home and would like to add to my items. "

T Mervin

" I love your products and have them displayed in several places in my home. Thanks for making such a realistic, high-quality product. "

S Fossie-Williams

" This by far is the most realistic beer I've seen...awesome "

Karen H

" I just want to thank you for the beautiful pieces,I have purchase other fake foods yours has been the best! I would like to order another coffee and cookies,and the spilled nail polish. Thank you again "

C Brown

" Oh My Gosh! I opened the package that came in the mail today and out came a beautifully crafted fruit tart. I took one look at this and was instantly wanting to eat it! :) Wonderful work and I will definitely recommend your Fake Food to all of my friends and along with that, order more of your products! "

Stephen A