Assorted Donuts (set B)


Fake donuts in assorted flavors.  Topped with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and caramel frosting.
(Assorted 6 pack-Set B)


Assorted Donuts (set B)

If you are a fan of donuts you’re going to love these! These 6 assorted fake donuts look almost too good to be actually fake. We topped these donuts with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel icing. One of these donuts is even topped with fake nuts! These donuts will be ready to set on your kitchen table or next to the coffee bar. Be sure to warn your guests before they try to eat one of these realistic donuts.

How It’s Made

We begin each project by making a mold. To get the texture just right we mold real donuts in order to make these fake ones. How cool is that?? Every piece we create is hand made by our talented employees. Resin and dye are used to get the right color for each donut. 

We have mastered the task of making these fake donuts look real by studying real food. It takes a lot of patience to mix the resin and dyes just right to get this effect. The local hardware store has a lot of the stuff we need for making the molds. For example, these things range from Styrofoams, caulking, drywall patching, and sheet-rock mud. All of this is used to make our fake foods look so real.

Specialty Orders

Among our other fake foods, these donuts are famous. They were used in the hit movie “The Muppets.” A lot of our foods can be found on display around the world. We even have our fake foods in Universal Studios! We’ve made everything from bread at Starbucks to Harry Potter Butter beer. Some of our customers have ordered specialty pieces for their business or home. Reach out to us if you have any specialty food items that you want to keep forever.

We pride ourselves on being detail oriented on each piece that we create. By doing these specialty items, we get to continually sharpen our skills. Everyone here loves a new challenge! Let your imagination run wild and reach out to us if you have an idea for your special occasion. You can reach us by email or phone call. or 918-455-0770