Large Vanilla Frosted Cake with Slice Removed


Large vanilla frosted cake missing a slice.  Chocolate drizzled on edge and topped with a strawberry. Each item is approximately 10″ x 4″

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The classic vanilla cake is a best seller of ours with tons of reviews from our own customers – and we just made it even better! Now you get to enjoy the inside of the cake as well as the outside. This fake vanilla frosted cake with a slice missing is the perfect accessory for your kitchen, home, or office space.

We have worked hard over the years to perfect our cakes and we think this one tops them all. Our vanilla cake is a timeless kitchen accessory that is admired by all who see it. Check out our Facebook page to see how our customers are displaying their own vanilla cakes.

Although creating this delicious looking fake food looks fun, it is very tedious work. We pride ourselves on taking our time and making sure all the details are just right!

We have several varieties of fake replicas including season, occasion, and holiday themed ones! We have fake foods for all occasions and something that everyone will enjoy. You can find more products you may like by using the search feature on our website.

Not only do we make everyday versions of fake food, we can recreate your versions too! We love doing custom work for our clients. Send us a picture of the product or the physical product you want replicated and we will make your dream come to life. Email us to figure out how we can make your custom creation today!

You should also follow us on social media so you can see sneak peeks when new items are available. Search “Just Dough It fake foods” and give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram. You will also get the chance to see behind the scenes of how these amazing creations come to life.

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