Lemon Slices (set of 6)


Set of six plastic lemon slices.

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Lemon Slices

Can you think of more than one thing you could use the fake lemon slices with? We certainly can! We use our lemon slices to compliment a lot of our beverages which you can see here. Why might that be? Because they look so real, that’s why! Our packages of fake lemon slices come in a set of six. These plastic lemon slices will look great as decoration on the drink table at your next neighborhood party. Everyone at the party will want to know where you purchased these fake lemons. We use real lemons to mold the fake ones, which allows us to get all the little details just right. 

How It’s Made

Each of our products is handmade – we use the same molds for all of our lemon slices so they all come out looking exactly the same. It is tedious work to fill each mold, but we take our time to make sure each product gets the time and attention needed to look so realistic. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best fake products we can make. This is something we take pride in. 

Each one of our pieces is mixed by hand which means time and patience is put into getting the colors just right. Our employees are experts in taking their time on each piece and making sure it looks real enough to eat. We study the real versions of the foods to make sure we get the colors perfect. If you want something customized, please reach out and ask. We love getting to perfect our skills by accepting new challenges.